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IFPE Update November 2018

IFPE New Officers, Exec Board and Rep Assembly:

All positions will take effect January 1st. Thank you to those that have served and to those who were nominated and to represent the local for the next three years.

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Steward Training:

If you would like to be a steward for your council, please contact your area vice president. We will be holding steward trainings between February and May in Springfield and Westmont. If there is enough interest in another part of the state, we can hold steward trainings in various IFT offices.

Election 2018:

Thank you to each member who volunteered on a campaign for IFT endorsed candidates, for educating others and encouraging folks to vote, and for voting yourselves. It is powerful to have a say in hiring your boss. We did through the election process and by voting. Rauner—you’re fired and JB – you’re hired. Dan Montgomery, president of the IFT, has been named to Pritzker’s financial advisory committee. This means we have a seat and a voice at the table.

Step Increases:

Governor Rauner has failed to follow court orders to place employees on the appropriate step and to figure the back wages and interest since July 1, 2015. We have no reasonable belief that he will follow these orders before he vacates office. Governor elect Pritzker repeatedly said people need to be paid what they have already earned. It will take Pritzker time to get into office and get a handle from every agency of what work has been done – or not done—to determine employee’s appropriate steps and back wages. We have every reason this will be a priority. Be patient as you have. The courts have ordered the pay, it’s a matter of time.


We do not know how soon we will get to the bargaining table with the new Governor. When we do there are multiple issues to bargain: There was never a con