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Candidate Biographies for Fall 2021 Area Vice-President and Representative Assembly Delegate Elections

RC-29 Sworn

Kenny Arnold, Candidate for Area Vice-President

Hello, my name is Kenny Arnold, and I am seeking your support for Area Vice President for RC-29 Sworn.  I have been employed with The Office of the State Fire Marshal, Division of Arson Investigation as a Special Agent/Canine Officer, since 2005.  I am also the Lead Worker for region three (southern counties) of the state.   Prior to my state employment, I was a full-time firefighter for the City of Centralia and a part-time police officer for the village of Sandoval Illinois.  I was also an auxiliary police Sergeant for the village of Keyesport Illinois.  I am a veteran of the United States Air Force for which I served from 1993 to 1997 on active duty and from 2004 to 2006 in the Air Force Reserves.  I have been an active member of IFPE Local 4408 from the start of my employment.  I spent the first nine years of state employment in the northern region of the state and the last seven in the southern.  I understand the complexities and concerns of our members across the state of Illinois. 


I was elected to the Executive Board in 2007 as the Area Vice President of RC-29 Sworn.  I served as Area Vice President from 2007 to 2014.  From 2014 to 2016, I served on the Representative Assembly, for Rc-29 Sworn.  I returned to the position of Area Vice President in 2016, where I currently serve the membership today.  During my tenure as Area Vice President, I have been a member of the negotiating team where we have negotiated several contracts.  The negotiation process is a complicated process as IFPE represents multiple state agencies, which include the Illinois Commerce Commission Police Officers, the Illinois State Police Protective Services Unit Police Officers, and the Arson Investigators with the Office of the State Fire Marshal. Most recently, we were successful in passing legislation placing the membership back in the alternative formula pension.  We also were successful in passing legislation to allow of the purchase of previous service time in IMRF and downstate firefighter’s pension systems.  I have represented the sworn members at the agency and state levels to ensure fair treatment and recognition.  We are currently in a climate where police are facing many new challenges and legislation that affect our members.  It is imperative to have a good working relationship with membership and other members of the executive committee of IFPE.  I have and will continue to make myself available to our members.  My contact information is readily available, and I am accessible to all members of the local. If re-elected, I will continue to vigorously represent the membership of RC-29 Sworn to the best of my ability.  


Bob Dunn, Candidate for Area Vice-President

Robert (Bob) Dunn is a Special Agent, Arson Investigator (I) with the OSFM (Office of the State Fire Marshal). Bob is a retired Captain of the Taylorville Professional Firefighters IAFF L-3144 where he served on the executive board for 14 of 21 years of his career which 9 of those years he served as President. Bob was involved with contract negotiations, grievances, mediations, and arbitrations throughout his serving on the executive board. Bob also served on the AFFI (Associated Firefighters of Illinois) PEC (Political Education Committee) for 14 years of his career, as well as a member of the AFFI Honor Guard for the past 24 years and the past 8 years as District Commander. Bob is a hardworking professional that works hard to promote a better workplace environment and team building through communication from the members he serves.


Sean R. Junge, Candidate for Representative Assembly Delegate


I am Sean Junge and currently employed as an Arson Investigator I with the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal. I previously served 17 years as a part-time police officer with the Arcola Police Department and 21 years full-time with the Mattoon Fire Department, where I rose through the ranks as a member of IAFF Local 691 from firefighter to Assistant Chief. I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Safety Management from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. I wish to serve as a RC 29-Sworn Representative Assembly Delegate to vigorously protect and improve the quality of life for those who make up our membership.

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