I Am the IFPE!

The Illinois Federation of Public Employees, Local 4408, represents approximately 1,500 working men and women employed in the public sector in the State of Illinois. Together, our members are employed in over sixty professional titles in twenty separate State agencies, as well as a number of educational facilities and the offices of Sangamon County Government.

Today's IFPE proudly claims a historically significant role in the evolution and development of public sector collective bargaining in the State of Illinois, tracing our organization's lineage back to 1922. Despite a number of changes in our affiliation and leadership over the past eighty years, one thing has remained unchanged--the IFPE's constant and unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for the public sector employees who make up our membership.

Since 1987, the IFPE has been affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers / Federation of Public Employees, through that organization's state affiliate, the Illinois Federation of Teachers. This affiliation not only provides the IFPE with access to the level of resources that a large, national labor organization can make available, but also allows the IFPE to influence national, state, and local legislative decisions that affect the quality of life for public sector employees.

Most importantly, the IFPE is each one of its members, working together every day to provide "quality services from quality people" that serve to improve our state, our communities, and our system of government. 

We're proud of our  members and our members are equally proud to say: "I am the IFPE!"


Gwendolyn Harrison
Veronica Aguirre
Eric Edwards
Matthew Emigholz

Executive Vice President



Area Vice President - Attorney General
Carlee Swanson


Area Vice President - RC-29 Meat and Poultry

Andrew Neubauer


Area Vice President - RC-29 Regulatory North

Carlton Merritt


Area Vice President - RC-29 Regulatory South

Cody Waterkotte


Area Vice President - RC-29 Security

LaDonald Scott


Area Vice President - RC-29 Sworn

Kenny Arnold


Area Vice President - RC-45 Mechanics

Chad Purcell


Area Vice President - RC-56 Cultural and Natural Resource Managers (CNRM)

Joseph "Mic" Middleton


Area Vice President - Secretary of State

Ryan Franklin


Area Vice President - St. Clair County Probation

Sidney Williams


Illinois Federation of Public Employees |  Local 4408

A Union of Professionals