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Resources on the Safety and Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccines

(via the American Federation of Teachers)

With states on the verge of distributing the first doses of COVID-19 vaccines, many questions are arising relating to the safety and effectiveness of these treatments. The American Federation of Teachers has put together a video (available here) addressing several issues, including which groups should receive vaccines first and what steps are necessary for safely transporting and administering vaccine doses.

Several additional resources are below. Please share these (along with the above video) with fellow union members, co-workers, and family members who may have questions or doubts concerning COVID vaccines.

Vaccine Confidence Project--monitors public attitudes toward vaccines' safety and effectiveness and works to dispel misinformation

Washington Post article on the Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines--includes useful graphics explaining the vaccine approval and distribution process

Pew Research Center page on public confidence in COVID vaccines--contains charts and graphs explaining public attitudes toward vaccines' safety and COVID-19 precautions more broadly


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