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Update on RC-29 Regulatory South Area Vice-Presidency

(via Matt Emigholz, IFPE Local 4408 President)

As you may recall, in the fall of last year, the Local suffered a tragic loss with Jeff Warner. In the absence of Jeff, Mario Gonzalez did us all a huge favor by filling this void. It was always an agreement between Mario and me that he would help out taking over for Jeff, until such a time that the Local was able to find a suitable replacement.

First off, I would like to thank Mario personally for all he has done. He is an impeccable leader who is always on-point and a great friend to all with whom he comes into contact. In the little time that Mario has worked with some of our groups, he has made leaps and bounds on issues with supplementals. I can't thank him enough. Therefore, it is with great discomfort that I have to accept his resignation, but I know he will always lend a hand wherever needed.

That being said, I am hereby temporarily appointing a gentleman by the name of Cody Waterkotte to take Mario's place in the RC-29 Regulatory South family, until such a time as the Representative Assembly can appoint him on a permanent basis. Cody is not new to the union, but he is new to the way that this Local operates. Cody has been shadowing Mario Gonzalez and RC-29 Regulatory North Area Vice-President Carleton Merritt. We believe that Cody is now ready to assume the duties of RC-29 Regulatory South Area Vice-President. Everyone, please extend a warm welcome and a helping hand to our newest Area Vice-President.


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