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Striking IFT Members at Columbia College Need Your Help!

(via Dan Montgomery, IFT President)

The adjunct faculty who are members of the Columbia Faculty Union (CFAC, IFT Local 6602) at Columbia College Chicago were forced to strike on October 30 to stand up for what students need and faculty deserve. They need your help in this important fight! Here is how you can support our fellow members at CFAC.

  • SEND THIS PREWRITTEN LETTER to the chair of the Columbia College Board of Trustees. Help us fill his inbox with messages of support for students and educators!

  • DONATE TO THE CFAC STRIKE FUND. As part-time adjunct faculty, our members at CFAC already struggle to make ends meet. Your generous support will help sustain them during this strike as they fight for students and an equitable agreement.

This strike is a direct result of gross fiscal mismanagement and devastating course cuts made by the college president and his administration. Just two weeks into the fall semester, they unilaterally chose to eliminate hundreds of already-enrolled classes and dramatically increase class sizes in others in an attempt to cut costs. At the same time, the president and other leaders have been raking in massive salaries and huge bonuses. Despite being in bargaining with the union, Columbia leaders made no effort to inform the faculty of the plan or to work with them to find a better solution. These cuts will be devastating to the student experience and harm the most marginalized faculty. Students are powerfully united with their educators; they understand that faculty are fighting for them and the future of the college. Please send a letter and donate to CFAC's strike fund today to help them stop these callous cuts and bargain a fair and equitable contract. Spread the word to your members and others by sharing the links above and posting this graphic on your union and personal social media accounts. Use the hashtags #cfacstrong and #IFTstrong. For updates, visit the CFAC website and follow @cfac_strong on Instagram. Thank you for supporting your fellow IFT members. Together, we are #IFTStrong.


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