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Reminder: Fix Tier 2 Pensions Week of Action Monday, April 15 - Thursday, April 18

(via the Illinois Federation of Teachers)

As educators, PSRPS, and public employees, we know that Tier 2 pension benefits are unfair and must be improved. Let's join with fellow union members across the state in the We Are One coalition to raise our voices and tell lawmakers it's time to fix this broken system!

Mark your calendar now for April 15-18 (Monday-Thursday) and plan to participate in the statewide Fix Tier 2 Pensions Week of Action. Please download and share the flyer below to spread the word to colleagues, friends, and family. We'll send you additional details and a reminder next week.

April 15-18, be ready to take action! Let's fix this unfair system and ensure that all public workers in Illinois can retire with the dignity and financial security they deserve.


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