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IFT-Endorsed Candidates Secure Triumphant Primary Wins

(via the Illinois Federation of Teachers)

WESTMONT, IL – Illinois voters have spoken, delivering primary election victories to candidates across the state who will prioritize public education and services and fight to uplift the needs of workers.

Tonight, Illinois Federation of Teachers President Dan Montgomery released the following statement about statewide and national primary results:

“On behalf of the Illinois Federation Teachers, I offer our sincerest congratulations to the winners tonight. Our members democratically endorsed candidates who espouse our values and who will best lead, inspire, and effect positive change in our communities. The results tonight affirm that the policies and goals these candidates embrace – fully-resourced schools, public service, strong communities, and prioritizing common sense over politics – resonate with most Illinoisans.

“It is truly heartening to see strong statewide support for Joe Biden as he campaigns for his second presidential term. Over the last four years, President Biden has unified and strengthened our country. His commitment to bolstering infrastructure, ensuring Americans have access to good jobs, addressing the climate crisis, and investing in American families by prioritizing education and childcare makes him the clear choice to keep us on a path of progress.


“At the national level, it’s more important now than ever to support candidates who will advocate for workers, women’s rights, and affordable higher education. Bill Foster has a proven track record, he has actively stood up for working people on strike lines and in Congress, and we’re glad to support him in the General Election for the 11th Congressional District.


“More locally, we are delighted to see Graciela Guzmán advance in Illinois’ 20th District. An experienced organizer and motivated community advocate, we have no doubt that Graciela will be a staunch defender of rights and quality of life for working people and historically marginalized groups. Her commitment to the good that can come from government will make her an honorable and effective legislator, and we hope to see that become a reality in November.


“In the 32nd House District, we celebrate Lisa Davis’s victory. A union member herself, she brings a comprehensive understanding of policy and her constituents’ issues that will underscore her advocacy for working people and strong communities. She is a proven leader with a clear vision to make a positive impact in her district and in Springfield.

“IFT members democratically endorse candidates who will fight for working people, stand up for funding public services and education, and who will work hard to make our communities, state, and nation more vibrant and inclusive. We are proud to see so many of our endorsed candidates moving on to the General Election, and we look forward to working together through November and beyond.

“Together with our members and allies, we will elect leaders who are forward-focused and who will uplift the qualities that strengthen and unite us."



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