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Protect Your Community: Learn More About the COVID-19 Vaccine With the IFT's Newest Resource

With Illinois now in Phase 1B of its COVID-19 vaccination plan, we know that many IFT members are hoping to be able to schedule their vaccination as soon as possible. We also realize you may have questions or concerns about the vaccine or the vaccination process.

The IFT has created a new vaccination resource center to answer some frequently asked questions and provide you with helpful resources. Check it out here.

We hope you’ll use this page to learn more about the vaccine, including when you are eligible to receive it and how to separate the vaccine myths from the facts.

Once you’re informed, we encourage you to take the vaccine pledge and challenge your colleagues, friends, and family to do the same! Visit the vaccination resource center to learn more about how to post and share your #covidpledgechallenge photo or video on social media.

By getting vaccinated, each of us has the power to protect our community. Please do your part! Get the information you need at the IFT’s new vaccination resource center, then pledge to get vaccinated at your earliest opportunity.


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