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Introducing the IFT COVID Tracker!: Submit Reports, Learn About Potential Hot Spots, and More

(via Dan Montgomery, IFT President)

As COVID positivity rates surge or remain high in many areas, we know that schools and institutions should not reopen until we have a clear picture of critical health data in our buildings and communities. That’s why our union has launched the IFT COVID Tracker.

This tool will help gather critical data by crowdsourcing reports of health and safety violations and concerns identified by teachers, staff members, parents, and community members.

The tracker includes a mapping tool that shows district-by-district information reported to the IFT to help easily identify issues in each area. The data will help our state and local unions draw comparisons between various areas and identify any potential “hot spots.”

This information is designed to be used by individuals, unions, communities, allies, and elected officials in their continued efforts to ensure safe learning and working conditions.

Members are encouraged to submit reports of cases or unsafe conditions in their workplaces on the website’s homepage by clicking “Submit a Report.” All reports will be verified to ensure accuracy, and the identity of submitters will remain anonymous. Members are also urged to share their personal stories and concerns about safety via the site.

Need help? This video tutorial explains how the IFT COVID Tracker works. A Frequently Asked Questions document is also available to guide you.

Everyone deserves to feel safe at work. I know you will find this new tool useful as we all strive to return to healthy workplaces when the time is right. As always, thank you for all you do.


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