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IFPE Local 4408 Election Results (Part 2 of 2)

(via Matt Emigholz, Local 4408 President)

Below are the IFPE LOCAL 4408 election results.

Executive Board

President: Mathew Emigholz Executive Vice-President: Veronica Aguirre

Treasurer: Gwen Harrison Secretary: Eric Edwards

RC-29 Regulatory (North and South) Area Vice-Presidents: Carlton Merritt and Mario Gonzales (Gonzales via Executive Board appointment)

Representative Assembly members: Kipp Roberts and Erik Beckner (Beckner declined position)

RC-29 Meat and Poultry Area Vice-President: Andrew Neubauer

Representative Assembly members: Pam Turner and Donald Hobbs

RC-29 Security

Area Vice-President: LaDonald Scott

Representative Assembly members: Leandre Lee, Ralph Carter, Tia Turner

RC-29 Sworn Area Vice-President: Kenny Arnold

Representative Assembly member: Ryan Nance

20th Judicial Circuit Area Vice-President: Sidney Williams (via Executive Board appointment)

Representative Assembly member: Rodney Skinner

RC-45 Area Vice-President: Chad Purcell Representative Assembly members: Ryan Armstrong, Sanja Pughsley, and Don Hoffman

Office of the Attorney General Area Vice-President: Carlee Swanson Representative Assembly members: Shirlene Daniels, Rene Mandin, and Mary States

RC-56 Supervisory Area Vice-President: Joseph “Mic “ Middleton

Representative Assembly members: Justin Blandford, Tom Hintz, and Dave Horvath

Office of the Secretary of State Area Vice-President: Ryan Franklin Representative Assembly members: Bonnie Matheis, Andrew Spiro, Jim Ladd

If your group does not have the prescribed number of Representative Assembly members, it is incumbent of all of you to promote the union and the work we do. Please bring members aboard by nominating them at the next Representative Assembly meeting in April!

In closing, I want to say that I look forward to working with all of you moving forward. I will continue to make myself available to everyone to the best of my abilities and will continue to promote this local with all my being. I cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work and sacrifices everyone continues to make.


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