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Andrew Spiro Letter of Resignation as SOS Area Vice-President

Greetings brothers and sisters:

Some time before this current election for AVP and Representative Assembly, I made the decision to not run again for AVP. It has been my privilege to serve in this capacity now for two terms. With retirement on the horizon, I would like to spend more time with my new wife and prepare for our next step. My experience as AVP has been extremely rewarding. I have tried to encourage member participation. I have been able to attend a number of trainings and seminars which were put to effective use during our organizing campaign prior to the Janus decision. I have represented many grievances and have been able to help members in crisis situations, as well as bring our voice and some understanding in difficult circumstances. Getting to know all our members in various departments around Springfield and Chicago was also a great experience.

I do have some apprehension about leaving, though, in that I now have the knowledge and experience to be even more effective as an AVP. However, I am confident that whoever becomes AVP and a seat on the Representative Assembly will share my commitment to the purposes of the labor movement. Regardless of our electoral outcome, I will assist our new AVP and representatives in any way possible and will continue involvement with the Springfield and Central Illinois Trades and Labor Council as they reorganize for the future.

Let me close by saying I wish you all well, continue the good fight, and I wish you all health and prosperity for you and your families in the future.

In Solidarity,

Andrew Spiro, AVP Emeritus

IFPE 4408 -- Secretary of State Council


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