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IFPE Local 4408 is Ready to Hustle for a Fair Tax!

(via the Illinois Federation of Teachers)

Twelve Local 4408 leaders learned how to use the peer-to-peer texting program, Hustle, which will help them kick off a texting campaign to their members to share why it’s so important to vote YES for the Fair Tax on the ballot this fall.

These members are spreading the word that the Fair Tax will bring in over $3 billion in revenue per year to invest in our schools and communities. And it will make our tax system more fair by only asking more from those who can afford it – the people making over $250,000 per year. It’s the only way to raise the revenue our state needs without increasing the burden on the middle class. And we can tell you for certain that it will keep your retirement income free from taxes.

Even if your local isn’t “Hustling", you can spread the word, too. Find out how and sign up to volunteer to phone bank from home.

Try the Fair Tax Calculator to see how the Fair Tax will impact you.

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