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IFT President Dan Montgomery Sets the Record Straight on What You’ve Heard From Fair Tax Opponents

(via Dan Montgomery, IFT President)

As we get closer to Election Day, the battle for a Fair Tax has been heating up. While we know that a Fair Tax would be great for Illinois schools, communities, infrastructure, and the state budget, we have also seen lies from anti-worker groups funded by millionaires and billionaires who don’t want to pay more taxes.

Their talking points do not hold water. They are trying to scare you into voting “no” because they want to continue raising state revenue on the backs of the middle class instead of finally paying their fair share.

Here are the facts:

  • A Fair Tax will not open any doors to taxing retirement income. Your retirement income is protected by state law, and that state law has nothing to do with whether we have a Fair Tax or keep the current, unfair flat tax.

  • A Fair Tax is not a “blank check.” Any changes to tax rates must be voted on by the legislature.

Watch IFT President Dan Montgomery explain this in detail, and please spread the word. Then, when

you complete your ballot, whether in person or by mail, join us in voting YES for fairness.

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