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Most Important Issues for IFPE Local 4408 Members in Upcoming General Election (Part I of 2)

(via Andrew Spiro - Area Vice President, Secretary of State Council)

As of this writing, the 2020 General Election is 32 days away! It seems like every election is “the most important election in our lifetime”, and we can get tired of hearing that.

However, there are actually circumstances surrounding this election that make in the very least unique; if not life changing and certainly important to labor and our rights as working people.

Perhaps first and foremost, this is the first and only time in American history that a sitting President has indicated that he may not accept the outcome of the election if he loses. In fact, he and many of his followers believe that any outcome other than reelection would be fraudulent – and subject to challenge, in the courts and in the streets.

  • In the past, some of us in Illinois may have taken the view that Illinois is Blue anyway, so what does it matter? It matters this year because not we must have a large enough plurality as to be unassailable. Therefore, EVERY VOTE REALLY DOES COUNT!!!!

  • The Supreme Court. We all remember what happened with the Janus decision. Not just the Supreme Court, but judges on the entire federal judiciary are appointed by the President. We need someone who will look out for us, and all working people; not just those that can afford justice.

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