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Why is a Fair Tax Good for Labor?

(via the Illinois Federation of Teachers)

No, this isn’t a quiz – just a refresher course. The Fair Tax is on the ballot this election season and we need all our members to vote YES! Passing the Fair Tax is needed now more than ever and will help working people while funding schools and investing in our communities. Here’s how:

  • The Fair Tax brings fairness to working people by establishing higher rates for higher incomes (over $250,000/year) and lower rates for lower incomes.

  • The Fair Tax will bring more funding to our public schools, which will allow us to give students across the state, from pre-K to college, the education they deserve.

  • The Fair Tax will provide the capital for the state to invest in communities that need it the most. From supporting social services to funding infrastructure improvements, these measures will bring fairness to our communities and the people who live and work in them.

  • The Fair Tax won’t increase your taxes unless you’re among the 3% of Illinoisans who make over $250,000 per year.

Use the resources available at to help spread the word about the Fair Tax.
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