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IFT, UPI, and CCCTU React to ISBE Higher Education Guidelines

(via the Illinois Federation of Teachers)

The following is a joint statement attributable to Illinois Federation of Teachers President Dan Montgomery, University Professionals of Illinois President John Miller, and Cook County College Teachers Union President Tony Johnston:

“We are disappointed that the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) failed to implement the guidance provided by higher education faculty prior to releasing their guidelines. It is our members who will be teaching, guiding, and serving the students in institutions around Illinois and their health and well-being is our top priority

"The guidelines released today fail to provide clear guidance on the testing of students and employees prior to the reopening and does not consider the social aspects of student life on campus. To protect our Illinois higher education communities, we believe that these aspects must be addressed before the reopening.

"We are committed to working with IBHE to help revise the guidelines that take into account the voices of its students and staff. We want to make sure that every institution listens to its students and staff in developing plans to keep instruction going and the institutions thriving in the safest way possible. No institution’s plans will work if not developed in real partnership and we stand ready to assist our higher education faculty and staff in every community college and every Illinois university.”

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