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Join the IFT's Fight for a Fair Tax

(via Dan Montgomery, Illinois Federation of Teachers President)

Even before the COVID-19 health crisis, Illinois had a lot of bills to pay, and our current tax structure was hurting more than helping. Working people, many of whom were on the front lines of the crisis, still suffer the most under this unfair tax system, paying twice as much as the wealthy as a share of their income. This crisis reinforced our need for a new tax structure that is fair to the middle class and that ensures state and local governments have the resources they need to serve communities and fund public schools and services. Now more than ever, we need this tax reform to lift the burden from middle class families and those struggling to get there. A Fair Tax will do just that, while raising taxes on only the top 3% of earners in our state – in other words, only people taking home over $250K will see a tax increase! Watch our video about the Fair Tax. And if you’re as convinced as we are, keep an eye out for more information and opportunities from IFT to spread the message: “Vote YES for fairness. Vote YES for a Fair Tax in November".

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