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Update for RC-29, RC-45, and RC-56 Bargaining Units on COVID-19 and Temporary Reduction of Governmen

(via Deneen Taylor, IFT Field Services Director)

Agencies will be notifying employees as soon as possible if they will be working remotely, asked to stay home or if they must report to work. All employees will remain in paid status. Please be patient and understanding as details and actions relating to COVID-19 are changing daily. We appreciate Governor Pritzker’s proactive approach to safeguard the health and safety of Illinois public employees and citizens.

Please see a message from Governor Pritzker below.

Social distancing is the paramount strategy for minimizing #COVID19spread in our communities.

Therefore, I have directed state agencies to implement plans for a temporary reduction of government functions & workforce while maintaining core functions & essential operations.

Select employees will continue to report to work; while the remaining workforce will either work remotely or be asked to remain home on call.

All state employees will continue to be paid during this period.

Over the next several days, my administration will finalize these plans and update state employees and the public.

The Office of the Governor will remain operational throughout this period to serve the people of Illinois.

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