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Vote Now in This Critical Primary Election

(via Dan Montgomery, Illinois Federation of Teachers President)

Dear IFT member, Election 2020 will be an historic one. In Illinois, not only will we have the chance to help elect a new president who shares our values, we can also help pass a Fair Tax to fix our state’s broken tax system and ensure the wealthy pay their fair share to fund schools and public services. The March 17 Primary Election is the first step towards making our goals a reality. To help inform you about the candidates and their positions, the IFT and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) have conducted a member-driven, democratic endorsement process. Over the last few months, the IFT held regional PAC meetings to review questionnaires and interview candidates to make endorsements that were finalized by the IFT Executive Board last month. (View the complete list of IFT 2020 Primary Election endorsements.) Our locals have also been engaged, holding meetings and forums to hear from candidates and discuss the issues. The AFT conducted town halls with nearly every Democratic presidential candidate and surveyed members nationwide before recommending presidential candidates who deserve our support. AFT also developed information and materials about the presidential election and candidates’ positions on a dedicated webpage. Voting in this Primary Election is critical, so be sure to cast your ballot! Remember, you don’t have to stand in line on March 17, you can vote early now. Visit your county website to learn about early voting locations and times in your area. If you prefer to vote on Primary Election Day, check the Illinois State Board of Elections website for your polling place and hours. Please take a few moments before or on March 17 to cast your ballot for the candidates who share our values and will help us achieve the goals that will move Illinois forward. Thank you! In solidarity, Dan Montgomery, IFT President P.S. For your convenience, print out the IFT’s 2020 Primary Election endorsement list and take it with you to the polls!

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