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Additional Details for Secretary of State Bargaining Units' Informational Picketing on Tuesday,

(via Deneen Taylor, IFT Field Services Director)

Brothers and Sisters,

We hope you are ready for the informational picket lines tomorrow. Please join us at the nearest location at any time between 11:30am and 1:00pm. Pleas utilize your lunch time or please take benefit time to join us. This is a protected , concerted activity.

We have lots of signs that members made last week.

Let’s display our solidarity for our fight for a fair and equitable contract.

Informational Picketing Tuesday, February 4th 11:30am - 1:00pm

Chicago at the James R. Thompson Center (contact is Marc Streb)

Springfield at Dirksen Parkway facility (contact is Jay Dickersen)

Capitol Complex (Library side of 2nd St. contact is Gwen Harrison; Howlett side of 2nd St. is Andrew Spiro)

See you tomorrow!

In Solidarity,

Your IFT Local 4407 & IFPE Local 4408 Bargaining Team

Andrew Spiro Gwen Harrison Marc Streb

Sheri Vaughan Dave Knauer Curt Carter

Jim Ladd John Clifford Jay Dickerson

Lana Basden Eowyn Montgomery Joe Wood

Dave Sapochak Tom Huber Bonnie Matheis

Rod Schleder Ray Dewitt

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