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Negotiations Update for Bargaining Units Under the Secretary of State

Brothers and Sisters,

The IFT Local 4407 and IFPE Local 4408 bargaining team met with management on November 20th. We bargained with the assistance of a Federal Mediator. There were counter proposals back and forth from both parties. Although progress was made, no tentative agreement was reached. We continue to push for 10 week maternity/paternity/adoption leave that all 4 other constitutional officers have provided to their employees. We do not understand why the Secretary does not value family/life balance and bonding time of parent and child. Additionally, we are still apart on wages. Although management made a significant move, it is not to the point that the membership has stated is acceptable.

The bargaining team will continue to press on at the bargaining table in mediation. We were unable during bargaining to find a mutually agreeable date for our next session. The mediator will be contacting us next week for potentially securing December 17th. We will keep you posted.


Wear your royal blue on Fridays and buttons daily to show your solidarity and support! The bargaining team loves to see the display of solidarity!!!

If you have any questions, need a button or sign, please contact a member of the bargaining team.

In solidarity,

Your IFT Local 4407 & IFPE Local 4408 Bargaining Team

Andrew Spiro Gwen Harrison Marc Streb

Sheri Vaughan Dave Knauer Curt Carter

Jim Ladd John Clifford Jay Dickerson

Lana Basden Eowyn Montgomery Todd Irving

Dave Sapochak Tom Huber Bonnie Matheis

Rod Schleder Ray Dewitt Joe Wood

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