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Instructions for Voting on Contract (Affects RC-29, RC-45, and RC-56)

Dear IFPE Member:

The IFPE 4408 Bargaining Team has reached a tentative agreement on a master contract with CMS. Please find attached a letter and summary from President Matt Emigholz (IFPE President letter and summary 8.2019).

Attached you will find the Tentative Agreement of the master contract inclusive of changes (Rolling TA Document as of 8.17.2019). (We will post the contract to the website soon.) Please note that you will be voting on ONE contract that includes all IFPE titles in RC-29, RC-45 and RC-56. The parties agreed to combine the 3 previous contracts into one master agreement. This was a process that was completed before bargaining halted in 2015; however, bargaining was not completed so it has yet to be voted on by the full membership. Proposed changes to existing contract language were made by both parties during bargaining and the agreement is what you will be voting to ratify.

We appreciate your understanding of the brief timeframe for information, meetings and voting. We reached the tentative agreement on August 16th and must have the ratification submitted (if it passes) by August 31st to CMS. Why the quick process? The stipend is part of the previous fiscal year’s appropriations. Since that fiscal year ended June 30th, the lapse period for submitting the stipend for each individual to the Comptroller is September.

The IFPE Bargaining Team will be conducting virtual contract summary meetings to explain the tentative agreement and answer questions. These meetings can be accessed by phone or via the internet. These meetings will be held at the following times on:

Monday, August 26th:

12:00 pm

via phone: 408.740.7256 or 408.317.9253

Meeting ID: 367 173 212

via internet: https://bluejeans.com/367173212?src=htmlEmail

Meeting ID: 367 173 212

4:00 pm

via phone: 408.740.7256 or 408.317.9253

Meeting ID: 585 235 334

via internet: https://bluejeans.com/585235334?src=htmlEmail

Meeting ID: 585 235 334<