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IFPE Local 4408 Elects New Leadership

IFPE 4408 Election Complete....Congratulations to the newly elected Executive Board and Representative Assembly Delegates!

Officers will serve for the term of 1/1/2019 - 12/31/2021

PRESIDENT: Matthew Emigholz EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT: Veronica Aguirre TREASURER: Gwen Harrison SECRETARY: Karen Egan

AREA VICE PRESIDENTS: Secretary of State - Andrew Spiro RC-29 Meat and Poultry - Andrew Neubauer RC-29 Regulatory North - Carlton Merritt RC-29 Regulatory South - Jeff Warner

RC-29 Security - Jason Jurs RC-29 Sworn - Kenny Arnold RC-45 - Chad Purcell RC-56 CNRM - Tom Jackson Office of the Attorney General - Carlee Swanson 20th Judicial Circuit of St Clair County - Paul Sullivan

REPRESENTATIVE ASSEMBLY DELEGATES: Secretary of State: Jim Ladd, Bonnie Mathies and Randy Lewis RC-29 Meat and Poultry: Don Maybell Jr (1 vacant position) 20th Judicial Circuit: Sydney Williams RC-29 Regulatory: Eric Beckner and Kip Roberts (3 vacant positions) RC-56 CNRM: Mic Middleton and Tom Hintz RC-29 Security: Quentin Coonce, Al Melendez, Cameron Jackson and Ladonald Scott RC-45 Mechanics and Storekeepers: Tony Mileur, Don Hoffman and Ryan Armstrong RC-29 Sworn: Greg Vespa Attorney General’s Office: Shirlene Daniels, Rene Mandin and Mary States (1 vacant position) 20th Judicial Circuit: Sydney Williams