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Become a Member Today!


On behalf of the Illinois Federation of Public Employees, Local 4408 IFT/AFT, AFL-CIO I would like to encourage you to become a member today.. Your IFPE Membership entitles you to numerous benefits including but not limited to:

  • $25,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

  • Experienced representation and free legal assistance for on-the-job problems

  • Protection from unjust layoff, discipline or termination

  • Self determination of IFPE legislative agenda

  • Full-time lobbyist working at the State Capital in Springfield

  • A powerful national organization lobbying for public employee interest in Washington, D.C.

  • Assistance from qualified attorneys in event of a work related injury

  • Benefit programs included in the AFT Plus booklet that include health care and insurance, Travel/theme park discounts, mortgage and credit programs, computer service discounts , scholarship programs and much more

Membership within a collective bargaining unit is important to public employees for two primary reasons; job security and salary/benefit protection and increase. Given the dire fiscal condition of the State of Illinois it is unknown what cuts will be proposed during legislative sessions. You can rest assured that the IFPE/IFT Lobbyists will be diligently working at the State Capital to fight in order to maintain or improve current contract benefits.

State law requires employers’ to negotiate the impact of issues affecting an employees’ wages, hours and working conditions. The collective bargaining agreement is a tool and guideline for these negotiations. Throughout the course of these negotiations, IFPE relies on input from its members. As a public employee your input is vital to this process. Full membership guarantees your right to vote on the ratification of these proposed agreements.

Members can also seek and be elected to serve on the Illinois Federation of Public Employees governing board, the Representative Assembly or as a worksite steward. Officers are eligible to attend labor management meetings and take part in the negotiation process of the collective bargaining agreement.