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Don't Fall for Misinformation on the Workers' Rights Amendment!

(via the Illinois Federation of Teachers)

Anti-worker extremist groups like the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI) are at it again. Over the past week, they've been texting Illinoisans, claiming that passing the Workers' Rights Amendment - also called WRA or Amendment 1 - would guarantee property tax increases. That is FALSE.

Robert Bruno, director of the labor studies program at the University of Illinois, has completely rejected this claim about Amendment 1. "There is no language at all," he said. "There’s not even any implied reference that could lead to that interpretation.”

The WRA has absolutely nothing to do with property taxes; those rates are set by elected officials. So why are IPI and other anti-union groups lying?

Because the WRA would:

Enshrine the right to collective bargaining in our state constitution so no one can diminish your voice on the job.

Guarantee the rights of workers to bargain for fair wages and benefits.

Empower educators and school staff to put students first by negotiating for smaller class sizes, improved technology, and additional classroom resources.

Put more money in families’ bank accounts and strengthen our communities by building the middle class.

Keep workers and our communities safe by protecting their right to speak up about dangerous situations without fear of being fired.

The truth is that the Workers' Rights Amendment would be good for schools, the middle class, and our communities. And that scares the billionaires behind IPI and other groups who profit by silencing workers and our unions.

We won't let that happen! On Election Day, ignore their desperate lies. Do your research and learn the facts about WRA. Then VOTE YES to protect your rights and build Illinois' future. VOTE YES for the Workers' Rights Amendment!


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