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Tell Your Lawmakers to Pass Progressive Revenue Measures: Click to Call Tomorrow, May 5

(via the Illinois Federation of Teachers)

Illinois continues to run a structural deficit of almost $4 billion each year. Instead of postponing our response to these annual deficits, the IFT and Responsible Budget Coalition believe we should use our resources today to prevent them from becoming worse tomorrow. TOMORROW, May 5, click here* to connect with your lawmakers!

To best position our state for success in 2022 and beyond, the General Assembly must adopt progressive revenue measures like closing corporate tax loopholes. Without them, Illinois will be facing massive cuts in funding for public education and critical programs and state services.

TOMORROW, May 5, please click here* to be connected with your state legislators. (Simply enter your information on the first screen to receive a simple script and the button to click to start your call.)

Tell your lawmakers that Illinois can't wait to pass progressive revenue measures! Thank you for taking action.

*Your personal information will be kept confidential.


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