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"Talking Points" in Favor of the Fair Tax Amendment (Part 1 of 2)

(via the Illinois Federation of Teachers)

Having trouble swaying an undecided voter into supporting the Fair Tax Amendment? Or, just need more information to convince a Fair Tax supporter actually to go to the polls (either in person or via mail) and vote "Yes"? Use the arguments below to make your point!

  • The Fair Tax will allow Illinois to invest in the areas we need it most – public education, human services, health care, and job growth – and only raises taxes on income over $250,000. This means only the wealthiest 3% of Illinoisans will see a tax increase.

  • The Fair Tax will bring greater fairness to working people by establishing higher rates for higher incomes (over $250,000/year) and lower rates for low and moderate incomes.

  • The Fair Tax will raise revenue by over $3 billion so that Illinois can invest in our local communities, all the while bringing fairness to our tax system.

  • The way our current tax structure stands, low income and working people now pay twice as much as wealthy people as a share of their income. We can end this and bring fairness to Illinois tax structure by voting YES for a Fair Tax.

  • Our current unfair tax structure will do nothing to address the disparities that working families are facing. By enacting a Fair Tax, we can begin to help our lower- and middle-income Illinois families, who were financially hit hardest by the crisis, to recover by bringing in an additional $3 billion per year to fund public education and critical services.

  • Passing a Fair Tax this year is needed now more than ever. Without the Fair Tax, it will be more difficult to get our state back on track and require all of us – not just the richest 3% - to pay much more in taxes. This would devastate hundreds of thousands of working families.

  • Coronavirus has impacted nearly every facet of our state, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a tax system that is fair and works for everyone.

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