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Update on IFT Local 4407 and IFPE Local 4408 Contract Negotiations (Affects Only Those Offices Under

Brothers and Sisters-

The bargaining team comprised of representatives from IFT Local 4407 and IFPE Local 4408 met with management on July 8th and 9th. We exchanged language proposals and reached tentative agreements on 9 articles out of approximately 26 proposed. The total number of proposed articles represent a combination of proposals from each party. Progress has been made to date! We meet with management again on July 23rd, August 22nd and August 28th.

We appreciate your support and continued solidarity.

Please wear your UNION t-shirt or royal blue if you don’t have a t-shirt on July 23rd to display our solidarity.

If you have any questions about bargaining, please ask one of the negotiation team members.

In Solidarity,

Your IFT Local 4407 & IFPE Local 4408 Bargaining Team

Andrew Spiro Gwen Harrison Marc Streb

Sheri Vaughan Dave Knauer Curt Carter

Jim Ladd John Clifford Jay Dickerson

Lana Basden Eowyn Montgomery Todd Irving

Dave Sapochak Tom Huber Bonnie Matheis

Rod Schleder Ray Dewitt Joe Wood

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